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Here at Swan Internet we can design, build and host your website - everything you need for an internet presence.
Swan Internet
We offer a tailor made solution and make sure that you get the very best for your money. We specialise in providing this service to individuals or small businesses where the costs of getting a website built can be expensive for little or no return. Many other design companies will build sites that will be more expensive and the content will be very minimal. We have fewer overhead costs and provide a better service at a lower price. All of our sites are built with no minimal content and we do not charge the earth for extras. We also charge very little for updates, in fact for minor changes we wouldn't charge anything!

We code using the best techniques to make sure no matter who or what connects to the sites we build, all content is visible as much as possible. We also test the main browsers to make sure that this is the case.
Swan Internet
We backup all of our websites so in the event of a system crash on the servers, we can restore the site in a matter of minutes.

We tune websites to make sure that they will get the best possible ranking on search engines. We also submit our websites to search engines, get the sites linked back from other sites so that the scoring in search engines is higher. This is all done as part of our service - something which many design companies leave out, charge extra or do very minimal work on.
Swan Internet
Unsure of what you need or want? We can take any ideas or requirements that you have and do an initial build for you to view. This enables our clients to build on our ideas so that we can finalise the design. None of our work is pre-made nor do we use wysiwyg generators - all of our coding is hand done on an individual basis to make the end product fast.

The internet is a minefield of technical babble and this can be very daunting. We can explain everything that you need to know and help you with any setting up that you need.

Worried about virus/spam? The email servers that we use scan for viruses, we set up email and code our pages in such a way that very few unwanted emails get through to the client.
Swan Internet
We are also multi-talented and can offer advice and services such designing leaflets, letterheads, business cards to sourcing branded items such as mousemats, mugs etc. In fact if you've got an idea, however offbeat it is, we'll help you in anyway possible.

Most of all we make sure that all our clients are happy with our service and constantly monitor to make sure that there's anything we can do for them.